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Haunted Hayride

Published: Friday, October 29, 2004

Updated: Wednesday, September 2, 2009 16:09

Image: Haunted Hayride

Palo Alto College fine arts sophomore Manuel Cantu prepares La Llorona.

Image: Haunted Hayride

Manuel Cantu starts up his chainsaw before a Haunted Hayride production at 3030 Shane Road. Photos by Rita Alvarado

Ghost hunters and thrill-seekers looking for an alternative to trick or treating this weekend can start at the internationally famous ghost tracks near Espada Park for a chance to get a glimpse of the restless spirits.

This year marks the second time the frightful hayride has been staged near the famed ghost tracks on the city's South Side,

"The holidays are nearing and this is one way we want to give back," said Manuel Cantu, fine arts sophomore at Palo Alto College, who made special effects for the ride.

Rick Sciarafa, owner of Progressive Productions LLC, teamed up with Bob Aston and Tom Flournoy, owners of the Alamo Sports Complex, this year for the spooky event.

Aston and Flournoy have been playing with the idea of a haunted hayride since 2001, they said Oct. 21 on opening night.

Aston, who was cutting the grass on the complex last year, noticed a strange phenomenon.

"Within an hour, I counted 50 cars visiting the ghost tracks," Aston said.

Aston pointed to a tree outside the fence line of a baseball field. "The last man to be hanged in Texas died on that tree," he said.

There was too much coincidence for Aston and Flournoy. So they decided to capitalize on the famed real estate.

Among attractions are Midget Mansion, Leatherface from "Texas Chain Saw Massacre," La Llorona, the Donkey Lady and other legends.

"The attractions are all Texas urban legends," Aston said.

Narrators give a history of the legends on the 20-minute journey, which features frights from more than 40 actors.

Last year, the first year of the hayride, more than 3,400 visitors attended over several nights.


Haunted Hayride, including a carnival and live music, 3030 Shane Road, continues from 6 p.m.-midnight today through Sunday. Tickets are $9.

 Slide show for Haunted Hayride

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