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Sophomore student dies Feb. 7 of unknown cause

Published: Thursday, March 4, 2010

Updated: Thursday, March 4, 2010 13:03

Arnold Menchaca

Arnold Menchaca

Arnold Menchaca, early education sophomore, is remembered as a kind, popular older brother.

He died at age 28 during the half-time show of the XLIV Superbowl Feb. 7 at his father's house.

His brother Michael Menchaca, a former student here, said after playing football outside during half time, Arnold Menchaca went inside for a break and then collapsed.

A friend performed CPR for 15 minutes until paramedics arrived. He later died at Brooke Army Medical Center. The results of an autopsy have not been completed.

"Arnold was the most positive influence I could ever ask for in life," Michael Menchaca wrote on his Facebook page.

He said his brother was so popular he attended five high school proms. Everywhere his brothers Michael and Kevin went, people recognized them as "Arnold's brothers."

After several years out of college and driving a taxi, Arnold Menchaca decided to return to this college.

Arnold Menchaca was a big fan of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Now, Michael Menchaca will have to find a way to honor his brother's last wish.

Arnold Menchaca wanted his ashes spread along the 50-yard line of the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati.

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Thu May 6 2010 13:28
I met arnold through my cousin and he was such a kool and great guy like you have no idea. I met his family at the funeral home and it was real nice that I had the opportuniy to have met him and his family as well also and they are such nice and humble people. May his family be blessed with peace and harmony. We will continue with his legacy.
lil brother
Sun Mar 14 2010 22:55
to everyone who passes "god bless" its a shame for someone so kind to pass so young.
L Prentice
Mon Mar 8 2010 15:18
I met Arnold when he was 16 years old , and i always wanted him in my life ever since . Who wouldnt want the most kind , caring , and loving person to be around . He was such a positive influence in my life . He was always there , not just for me , but for everyone . I think that words are pretty indescribable when it comes to talking about how much of an Angel he was here on this earth . Arnold is not a person who is going to be easily forgotten and he will be forever loved .
Mon Mar 8 2010 00:32
Arnold was the closest I had to a brother. He and his family always took care of me and watched out for me when I was with them. He is also one of the first people to introduce me to church. It is through him that I met my fiancee. He taught me so much and I hoped that I taught him a few things also. He may have been slightly younger than me but I looked up to him.I only wish that these past few years I could have been around more. He will be missed by all those he touched with his life and beautiful spirit.He will always be with us in our hearts and spirits. The best thing we can do now is to try to be as good a person as he ever was.
Fri Mar 5 2010 09:47
The above comment is from Arnold's brother, Kevin Menchaca.
Fri Mar 5 2010 09:39
Arnold was my hero. Ever since we were little, I always looked up to him and he always looked out for me. Much of my behavior growing up was modeled after him. To me, Arnold exemplified what it means to be a loving, caring brother, and that's what I wanted to be.
As we grew older Arnold became more than a big brother to me. He became a guide when I needed one, a father figure when I lost one, and my best friend when I had none. Arnold supported our family through every hardship we endured. Somehow, he always found time for us no matter how many obligations he might have had. Arnold led by example. Everything I learned about being a man, I learned from him.
Arnold had such a big heart. He cared for so many people and treated them all like family. In a sense, he was a father or a son or a brother to everyone he met.
Even though Arnold was the oldest child, we all felt that he was really just a big kid. He loved to play around and make people laugh. He always put everyone around him in such a great mood. And he was especially good with children. They had a special connection that only a prarent would have. It was this gift that inspred Arnold to become a teacher. And even though he never got to teach a class, he had already taught so many people in life.

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